The Current COndition of our schools in Thompson School District has a critical effect on our students' learning

Our community is growing at our boundaries

Loveland High School is outdated, overcrowded and constrained on a site too small for expansion

Neighborhoods east of I-25 do not have a school

Renovations to Thompson Valley High School and many of our other aging facilities are vital to shift them to 21st century readiness

We have too many under-enrolled schools in areas that are no longer growing

Our facilities have fallen behind on their maintenance

How can we, as voters and stakeholders, step up to ensure our school district continues to provide the best education for all of our students?

  1. Become more informed about the condition of our schools, how education impacts our community beyond students and teachers and the importance of protecting our valuable investments.
  2. Learn more about how voting "YES" for 3D AND 3E, the mill and bond for Thompson Schools will benefit our entire community by:
    • Improving safety and maintenance 
      • deferred facility maintenance
      • overcrowding
      • increased security
      • aging bus fleet
    • Defining Thompson as a preferred district in northern Colorado
      • encourage students to stay in TSD
      • increase choices for students
      • build schools in areas of growth
      • provide competitive compensation for educators
      • attract businesses to build a stronger local economy
    • Demonstrating community commitment to education
      • invest in the children of our community
      • take care of what we already own
      • ensure quality learning and teaching conditions
      • retain great educators
  3. Donate, Endorse and Spread the Word
    • Financial contributions are our greatest need to ensure we can reach out to our fellow community members.
    • By sharing your endorsement, you can add you name to the list of community members who support United for Thompson.
    • Tell your friends, neighbors and business associates why funding education matters.
  4. Most importantly - vote "YES" in November in support of 3D AND 3E, the mill and bond for Thompson Schools!

What's In It For Your School?

To view the full Thompson Reinvented plan and detailed Thompson School District Facility Performance Scorecards, click on the buttons below.  To see more information on how 3E, the bond for Thompson Schools will specifically benefit your school, continue to scroll down.