Our Vision

To gather and share factual information about the current conditions and possibilities surrounding all of our schools, students and educators in an effort to promote informed decision-making and to provide opportunities to take action and engage in advocating for the successful passage of 3D AND 3E, the mill and bond for Thompson Schools on the November 2016 ballot that will benefit our entire community.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Lead by example through exemplary decision-making.
  • Encourage feedback and participation to consistently reflect community-based solutions.
  • Share information in a timely manner in a non-partisan format.
  • Ensure integrity through honest communications.
  • Provide accurate and data-driven information, citing studies and providing links to research when possible.
  • Aim for quality, add value, and be mindful of content.
  • Clarify, through disclaimers, that our views are independent of any organization, association or affiliation unless otherwise noted.
  • Be transparent and respectful of others and their privacy.

What Has Been Accomplished So Far

  • The Thompson School District Master Plan Committee presented their report "Thompson Reinvented" to the Board of Education to demonstrate the Strategic Plan Focus Areas:
    • Make Thompson School District a preferred destination for students, families and employees
    • Maximize learning for all students, identifying and overcoming obstacles, and include measurable performance criteria for continuous improvement, consistent with Colorado Department of Education and the District
    • Prepare every student to be a successful citizen; college, career or community ready, providing opportunities for all students
    • Ensure that every classroom has an outstanding teacher and attract, grow and retain quality staff in every position of the District
    • Optimize District resources and facilities to meet student learning needs
    • Engage the community as partners, to understand and support the District
  • United for Thompson formed as a citizen-led exploratory committee to urge the Board of Education to consider placing a bond initiative and mill levy override before the voters in November.
  • United for Thompson encouraged community members to participate in public comment at recent Board of Education meetings as they have thoughtfully utilized feedback as part of their discussions on the path forward. 
  • The Thompson School District Board of Education voted to move forward with notifying the county clerk that they will be developing ballot language for both a bond issue and a mill levy override to be on the November 2016 ballot (http://www.reporterherald.com/news/ci_30046614/thompson-mill-levy-bond-headed-voters).
    • $288 million bond: for just 40 cents a day a family owning a $200,000 home would be supporting 2 new schools and major remodels at 4 of our existing schools to accommodate our growing student population, evolving curriculum requirements and critical security measures to ensure safer learning environments for our students.  Deferred maintenance and repairs will be addressed at each school, a much-needed pool at Berthoud High School along with campus improvements such as an outdoor track and turf replacement at both charter schools will ensure equity for all of our Thompson students: Bond BoardDocs
    • $11 million mill levy override: for just 29 cents a day a family owning a $200,000 home would be supporting a 3% cost of living increase in salaries for our educators and support staff as well as improved curriculum in the classrooms, buses with up-to-date safety measures and other educational initiatives: MLO BoardDocs
  • Larimer County notified Thompson School District on September 13, 2016 that the TSD R2-J ballot assignment numbers for the 2016 General election are as follows:]
    • 3D - Mill Levy Override
    • 3E - Bond 

What's Next

United for Thompson continues to encourage community members to become more informed about critical needs within our schools and share that information with friends, family and neighbors as well as to submit letters to the editor of their local publications.  It will take many hands along with time, money, hard work, and the voices of concerned citizens to pass 3D AND 3E, the mill and bond issue for Thompson Schools on the November 2016 ballot.  We need your help today to spread the word!

In order for United for Thompson to gain widespread community support, we are asking for your help in three ways.

  1. We request your help with informing our community about the need for passing a bond and mill levy override.  This can be through sharing our social media posts with your own friends and family such as Facebook, Twitter or unitedforthompson.com.  We also need volunteers to help with writing a letter to the editor, displaying a yard sign, ordering and wearing a United for Thompson t-shirt, and helping out at public events.
  2. We request your personal or professional endorsement of the cause.  An endorsement includes listing your name and/or business on our website as a supporter, along with the possibility of future inclusion in publications, etc.  Visit our "Endorsements" page and see other community members and businesses that support United for Thompson, then contact us to share your own story.
  3. We request a contribution in order to help fund our outreach through the media, participating in community events, yard signs, printed literature, and postage - all of which are very expensive.  In order to reach our fellow Thompson School District voters, our grassroots campaign relies on the generosity of donors like you.  Visit our "Donate" page and share a financial gift in support of our schools, students and educators.

Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.
— Theodore Roosevelt

To Learn More

If you would like to learn more about United for Thompson and how you can help, please fill out the form below and one of our committee members will get back to you.

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