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See who has endorsed United for Thompson and Will Vote "YES" for both 3D & 3e:


Business Endorsements:

  • Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

"Based on a recommendation from its Government Relations Committee, the Board of Directors of the Berthoud Chamber of Commerce supports Thompson School District's ballot measures 3D and 3E."

  • Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS (LBAR) 

"The quality of local schools is the 2nd most important criterion in determining where to purchase a home.  The Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS supports 3D and 3E because these ballot measures will ensure that kids continue to get top-notch education in our schools."

  • Loveland Business Partnership
"The Loveland Business Partnership supports the mill levy increase and the bond authorization proposed by our Thompson School District and urges voter in the district to vote "Yes" for these ballot issues.
As business people, we understand the critical role our public schools play in the economic welfare of our community.
Successful passage of these ballot issues will go a long way to restore our ability to attract, retain and grow the businesses that are so vital to our local economy, as well as our commitment to educate the children who will become our future workforce and community leaders."
  • Loveland Chamber of Commerce

"Investing in our public education system is essential for the continued growth of our business community, as well as our overall quality of life and livability.  Workforce development issues is a common thread among our area businesses therefore we must invest and develop local talent of our own instead of forcing our businesses to recruit from other areas.  The Chamber supports this bond initiative as it is vital for the sustainability of our community."

  • Jorgensen Laboratories - Loveland, Colorado

"Jorgensen Laboratories supports 3D & 3E."

  • The ARC of Larimer County

"As a local chapter of The ARC, we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other intellectual and  developmental disabilities so that they can lead full and satisfying lives in their communities.

We feel it's important to let voters know that each of these issues (3D & 3E, the TSD mill and bond - including 1A for Mental Health Detox/Substance Abuse Facility and Services, and 3B & 3C, the PSD mill and bond) specifically affect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Larimer County.  These 5 issues, all of which are local, benefit individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the coming years by providing key supports in school and through crisis mental health treatment.

This year, voters will see longer than normal ballots.  While the ARC of Larimer County acknowledges that each ballot issue voters will see this fall is important, these are the only issues, as of October 3rd our organization has taken a stance on.  The ARC of Larimer County would like to encourage citizens to vote all the way down the ballot, giving each item and candidate careful consideration."


  • AudioFetch -  Berthoud, Colorado
  • Blas Estrada, Broker Associate/Partner, The Group, Inc. Real Estate - Loveland, Colorado
  • Blue Sky Animal Hospital - Loveland, Colorado
  • Center for Advanced Dentistry - Loveland, Colorado
  • Cliff Johnson Team, Coldwell Banker - Loveland, Colorado
  • Columbine Gallery - Loveland, Colorado
  • Comfort Courier, LLC - Loveland, Colorado
  • Computer Superheroes, Inc. - Berthoud, Colorado
  • Country Financial, Jason Percha - Loveland, Colorado
  • DeDecker Sculptor, Inc. - Loveland, Colorado
  • Desk Chair, Your Workspace, Inspired - Loveland, Colorado
  • EnergyLogic, Inc. - Berthoud, Colorado
  • Formation, llc - Loveland, Colorado
  • Generations Wine & Martini Bar - Loveland, Colorado
  • Hands on Health - Loveland, CO
  • Helpful Hands for Seniors - Loveland, CO
  • John M. Dildine, D.D.S. General Dentistry - Loveland, Colorado
  • Jorgensen Laboratories - Loveland, Colorado
  • KL&A, Inc. Structural Engineers and Builders - Loveland Colorado
  • Loveland Aleworks - Loveland, Colorado
  • Loveland Reporter-Herald - Loveland, Colorado
  • Loveland Surgeons: Bradford Keeler, MD, Jerome Collins, MD, Thomas Blomquist, MD
  • mo'Betta Gumbo - Loveland, Colorado
  • Mueller & Associates CPA - Loveland, Colorado
  • Quick-Print Shop - Loveland, Colorado
  • Red Line Heating & Cooling - Loveland, Colorado
  • Rutledge Law Office, LLC - Loveland, Colorado

  • Swanty Insurance Agency, Inc. - Loveland, Colorado
  • Sweet European Treats - Berthoud, Colorado
  • Weedin Agency, Inc. Insurance - Loveland, Colorado


Parent/Teacher/Student Organizations:

  • New Vision Charter School PTO

"New Vision Charter School proudly supports both ballot measures to ensure the continued success of our local schools, staff and the students they impact everyday as we believe that a positive learning environment promotes confidence, intelligence and a promising future for our community."

  • Centennial Elementary School PTA

"Centennial Elementary PTA is in favor of ballot issues 3D (mill) and 3E (bond) to show our commitment to retaining valuable teachers and staff, replacing aging buses, updating curriculum, maintaining and improving our school building, and addressing capacity issues by building new schools where needed.  The Master Plan Committee worked tirelessly to determine our district's critical needs.  Now is the time to pass these ballot issues and keep TSD competitive with surrounding districts."
  • Coyote Ridge Elementary School PTO

"Coyote Ridge Elementary School PTO is in full support of 3D & 3E.  As parents of elementary (and secondary) school students, we believe that the foundation for our children is education.  Quality education in quality locations.  Join us in supporting Thompson School District schools!"
  • Van Buren Elementary School PTU

"The Van Buren PTU wants the best for our students.  We support the bond and mill levy because our kids need an updated building, new technologies, better paid teachers, and the opportunities that the surrounding districts already have.  We understand that good schools will bring more businesses to the area providing more opportunities for our kids as they get older, and we have a responsibility to the children of our city, as adults, to provide them with the keys to the best future we can offer, and that starts in our schools."
  • Lucile Erwin Middle School PTSO

"As the parent leadership group at Lucile Erwin Middle School, LEMS PTSO strongly supports the passing of the Thompson Schools' mill levy (3D) and bond intiative (3E) on the November 2016 ballot.  As parents and active volunteers in the district, we see the desperate need to update educational resources, maintain and improve existing schools, replace buses, address over-capacity issues by building new schools in areas of growth, and fairly compensate the teachers and staff members that educate our children.  We encourage all citizens in the Thompson School District to support 3D & 3E, for our students and for the future well-being of our community."
  • Turner Middle School Parent Volunteer Group

"Thank you to all who are making a difference in our children's schools and their lives!  TMS Parent Volunteers support and endorse United for Thompson!"


Personal Endorsements:

  • Kurt & Deb Adams - Parents of TSD graduates and TSD grandparents

"We have lived in TSD for almost 40 years.  Both of our grown children and their spouses graduated from TSD and are successful adults.  Our older granddaughter will be a second grade student at CRES and her younger sister will join her in a couple of years.  We look forward to seeing them both receive the same excellent education our own kids were given and we proudly support a bond and mill levy override to help our local schools in Loveland and Berthoud."
  • Gil Barela - Retired National Business Agent, NALC

"This resolution must pass for the sake of our students and schools!"

  • Bob Campagna - Artworks Photographer, Educator, former NOVO President, present Heart J Board member

"I commuted from my home state of Iowa from fall 2000, until I moved here in 2007 to teach in TSD.  Since then, I have taught photography to over 1100 students.  I moved here to Loveland for 2 reasons: I got married to wife Susan, but I also believed in the innovative capabilities of the Thompson School District, especially in relation to the arts."

  • Jill Date - TSD graduate and TSD educator

"This will help our entire community."

  • Phil & Janice Farley - Former member of Loveland City Council and proud parents of 2 successful LHS graduates

"We strongly endorse the vision and ask everyone in Loveland to vote yes!"

  • Kyle Freesen - Loveland High School Director of Bands, Music Department Chair

"As an educator in TSD, I see firsthand the struggles that our students endure because of our failing infrastructure.  In my band program, we serve more students then we have instruments for them to use or space for them to learn.  The 'Thompson Reinvented' plan addresses many of the concerns that are keeping our students from having their best chance at success.  I make do, as do many other teachers, with less and still provide students with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and nationally recognized results.  Imagine what we could do with up-to-date facilities, equipment, and support.  Please make an educated vote for our community in November."

  • Liz & James Garcia - TSD graduates, parents of  TSD students, and James is a former TSD educator who now teaches in SVVSD.

"We are rooted in this community, as former students and now parents of TSD students; we believe passing the bond and mill are imperative steps to improve our school system and the community as a whole."

  • Jake & Alyssa Gibbons - Parents of 2 TSD students

"We just finished parent-teacher conferences today and I am once again blown away by how hard Thompson teachers work to reach every child with the limited resources they have.  We have some outstanding educators in this community - let's keep them!"

  • Janis Gregoire - TSD volunteer and parent of 2 children

"We must show our commitment to providing our children the best possible education and to ensuring a bright future for our community via strong schools.  Without a doubt, now is the time.  Just as our homes need regular maintenance, our schools do too.  We can only "kick the can down the road" for so long.  Vote YES on 3D & 3E!"

  • Kathy Hartman - Parent of a TSD graduate, community activist

"As the parent of a young adult with special needs who attended Thompson School District, I believe it is critical to provide adequate funding to continue to serve our high needs population.  My son and I will both be voting in favor of these measures to bring our district up to an even high standard of educational excellence for all of our children.  The needs are great and we are a caring community."

  • Dr. Jason and Katrina (Rehme) Hatch - TSD Parents, Katrina is a TSD graduate and Jason is the Chair of the TSD Master Plan Committee

"I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for your efforts to educate the community about the issues and challenges facing the Thompson School District.  Thank you for your role in making our schools and teachers great.  As a parent of three children in the district, I want you to know my wife and I fully support the message you are promoting and will be ever ready to lend our support to your campaign."

  • Marv & Marilyn Heller - Retired educators

"Our schools need upgrades to compete with neighboring districts.  We are losing teachers and students."

  • Lori Hvizda Ward - TSD Parent and Board of Education President

"Our schools are the heart of our community.  The bond and mill levy override are an investment in our children and our future."

  • Sara J.L. Irby & David J. Irby - TSD Parents

"As natives of Loveland, former students of the Thompson School District, and parents of two young children currently enrolled in our District, we offer our full support to United for Thompson.  Improving our schools' infrastructure not only provides our children with the resources they need to receive an exceptional education, but also allows our great community to prosper by attracting businesses to Loveland and Berthoud.  Please join us in making an investment in our children's future, and our community's growth and success by supporting United for Thompson."

  • David & Linda Jessup - Sylvan Dale Ranch, co-owners

"Colorado is far behind the rest of the nation when it comes to financially supporting our schools, and Loveland is behind other Northern Colorado communities.  We owe it to our children, and to the future prosperity of our community, to support ballot issued 3D & 3E, the mill levy and bond for the Thompson School District."

  • Caleb Jordan - TSD graduate

"I've gone through the whole system in TSD from Kindergarten to Senior year. I can't express my gratitude to my teachers that have helped me along the way. From serving on numerous committees (MPC, DAC, SAC, T2L, etc.) I can not express how important the mill levy override and bond are to this community and for the students. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we can no longer just kick this can around. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity that gives us a chance to give all our students the best possible education we can give them for years to come!

Sending Positive Vibes from Finland!
"Mutta täällä on oikeus valita. - But here we have the right to choose."

  • Troy Krenning - TSD graduate, Loveland City Councilor Ward I

"I support the MLO and bond issue.  Kim, my lovely wife of 30 years has been a school teacher for over 30 years and we fully support our public schools.  I am a proud product of Thompson R2J."

  • Lynn Matson - Grandparent and concerned citizen

"Pay now or pay more later - citizens of Loveland would be wise to support the mill levy issue (3D) and bond issue (3E) this year while interest rates and costs are so low rather than deferring the necessary expenses.

The High Plains school construction was delayed for several months by opposition.  The school was built to budget, but the construction costs increased during the delay resulting in a 10,000 square foot reduction in the school building footprint.  We have an opportunity to lock in a low rate for bonds while interest rates are very low.  Let's not make the same mistake again."

  • Mindy McCloughan - President, Loveland Chamber of Commerce

"The Loveland Chamber of Commerce supports 3D & 3E because investing in great schools is essential for the success of our business community as well as our overall quality of life."

  • Dr. Andrea Mead, MD - LHS graduate, Loveland Pediatrician, and TSD-Berthoud area parent

"Community members invested in my education in Thompson schools, and now it's our time to invest in future generations."

  • Bonnie & John McDermid - Retirees

"Voters must put their trust in the Thompson Reinvented/Master Plan Committee, composed of over forty citizens, who did their very best in evaluating the needs of the district in order to come up with a plan for a mill levy and bond that we can trust to be honest and fair to taxpayers and students. We attended the forums and we watched BOE presentations on live stream. We understand what is needed and we also know just how many cuts were made before coming up with the final proposal."

  • Dan Mills - Parent of TSD graduates, local business owner, Loveland Business Partnership, Chair

"Quality public schools are unique in that they are an indication and a creator of a strong and vibrant community."

  • Jason & Sarah Percha - Parents of two TSD children, COUNTRY Financial agency owner

"Support our kids today for their tomorrow in this district."

  • Carrie Robinson - Parent of 2 TSD students

"As a fairly new Loveland resident I don't have a sense of history regarding this community or the school district.  We researched all of Northern Colorado before choosing a home in Loveland.  We love the area and our children are getting a good education from very dedicated teaching staff.  All of the teachers I've encountered over the past 3 years are supportive and truly care about the educational success of my kids.
The Thompson Reinvented report was eye opening for me.  It answered many questions regarding the school facility conditions I had noticed when I attended school functions.  The population growth is happening and now is the time to prepare.  I worry the repairs and construction will not be completed in time and drastic measures will impact students in the short term...such as having to change schools or be even more crowded in the classroom.
Maintaining buildings the size of a school is very expensive.  Costs increase for office supplies, utilities, and staff costs.  Stagnant funding sources are no match for inflation.
Raises for 2000 TSD employees will flow back into the local economy.  Construction funds from building and maintenance will flow back into the local economy.  The economic vitality of Loveland will be enhanced by putting people to work and keeping people employed in the Loveland city limits.  The plan is concise, detailed and necessary."
  • Dr. Peter Smith, MD - TVHS graduate, Loveland Physician, and TSD parent

"By supporting students, teachers and schools we will put Loveland and Berthoud in a position to attract great talent to the area."

  • Chris Wertheim - Present Loveland Historic Preservation Commission Co-Chair, present Habitat for Humanity Board member

"This is most important for the future of our children, but will also have a positive impact on property values."

  • Jerry Westbrook - Parent of TSD graduates, former TSD BOE member and President, and longtime loveland resident

"As a resident of Loveland for over 40 years and Past President of the School Board, I endorse the vision of 'United for Thompson'.  In addition, I encourage you to become acquainted with 'Thompson Reinvented' which is the most detailed planning document ever prepared in the history of this district.  It addresses the needs of every school building, including maintenance and renovations, construction of additions and new schools to meet current and future needs."

  • Jonathan & Amy Wiggins - Lead pastors of Resurrection Fellowship

"United for Thompson represents a compelling opportunity for our community to do the right thing and step up our investment in Thompson School facilities and educators.  A growing population of students are desperately waiting for people like you and me to do the right thing and step up our investment.  When our schools have adequate resources, our community as a whole is stronger."

  • Ann & Jeff Yuska - TSD parents of four kids and community volunteers

"Thank you for supporting our schools and our kids!!"

  • Roger Abrahamson - Principal of Abrahamson Engineering, Inc.

  • Kim Akeley-Charron

  • Gene & Linda Alvine

  • Rich Ball - Loveland City Councilor

  • Paul Bankes

  • Melissa Barcewski

  • Peg & Earl Baumgartel  - Parents of TSD graduates

  • Matthew Bell  - TVHS graduate

  • David and Amy Berglund  - TSD parents

  • Stu Boyd - Retired Berthoud High School Educator

  • Mark & Denise Bretting

  • Suzy Bullett

  • Judi Bryant

  • Tom & Corinne Carrigan

  • John & Barbara Case

  • Joyce C. Caufman

  • Denise & Rick Chapman

  • Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Childers

  • Davon Cook

  • Donald Cook

  • Bruce Croissant

  • Dr. James C. Danforth, MD & Linda Danforth - Longtime Loveland residents, parents of TSD graduates, Jim is a retired physician

  • Carrie Davis

  • Meg & Michael DeClement - TSD parents

  • Michelle & Paul Diaz - TSD parents

  • Dr. John & Chris Dildine

  • Marne Engleking

  • Doug Erion - Actian, Inc. President

  • Blas Estrada - MVHS graduate, Broker Associate, Loveland Chamber of Commerce Member,  Ambassador and Legislative Affairs Committee member, STIR steering committee member

  • Tracy Evangelista - TSD educator and parent

  • Irene Fortune

  • Linda Giauque - Retired TSD educator

  • Diana Greek

  • Cecil & Kay Gutierrez Cecil is a retired TSD educator and the current Mayor of Loveland

  • Ron & Rita Harden

  • Tim Harvey

  • Nancy & Al Hauser - TSD grandparents, parents of TSD graduates, longtime Loveland residents, and small-business owners

  • Karen Higney

  • Dave & Caroline Hilligoss

  • Kari Holden - TSD parent and volunteer

  • Jessica Holmes - TSD parent

  • Pat Horner

  • Emma Howard-Young - 2010 TSD graduate and 3rd year medical student

  • Pam & Andy Howard - Parents of TSD graduates, business owners, and Pam is an advocate for Thompson students and has served on the TSD BOE since 2013

  • Travis Hysten

  • Peg Isakson

  • Leslie Jabaily

  • Mark Jackson

  • Jodi Jalving

  • Leah Johnson - TSD graduate, Loveland City Councilor and future TSD parent

  • Lawrence Jones

  • Hans & Kathy Jorgensen

  • Candie Joshi - TSD parent with children at Winona, Conrad Ball and Loveland High School, school volunteer and Volunteer Coordinator at Winona, and Master Plan Committee member

  • Tom & Darlene Kasenberg

  • Jason & Stacee Kersley - TSD parents and local small-business owners

  • Anna Kirk

  • Kim Knight

  • Tim Kubik

  • Lorie Lane

  • Dave Levy - TSD Board of Education member representing Berthoud, parent of TSD graduates

  • John & Marcia Lewis

  • Robert & Jane Lewis

  • Camilla LoJeske

  • Doug & Debbie Luithly - TSD parents, TSD educator and Master Plan Committee member

  • Wynne Maggi

  • Ryan Manning

  • Janice Marchman - TSD parent, former TSD Board of Education member and past Vice-President

  • Bill & Elizabeth Markham - Owner of M&M Farms, Berthoud

  • Matthew Reid Maynard

  • Paul & Mary McQuade - Parents of 3 TSD students in middle and high school and Mary is an LHS alum

  • Amy Meere

  • David and Janet Melensen

  • Bill Moninger

  • Denise Montagu - Thompson School District graduate, mom to a TSD graduate and two current TSD students, and member of the TSD Board of Education since 2011

  • Amy Moore

  • Charles Moore

  • Joelle Moran - TSD parent and volunteer

  • Trish Moreland

  • Jamie Powell & James O'Mara - TSD graduates, TSD parents and volunteers

  • Thurese Newlin

  • Scott Olson & Denise Morrison-Olson - Parents of 3 TSD students in middle and high school, with 35 years combined as public school teachers, 24 years in TSD.

  • Shannon Parmly

  • Tom & Carol Patterson - Former Berthoud Mayor

  • Patience Pope

  • Emily Rodgers-Ramos

  • Debbie Rude

  • Susan Ruff

  • Doug Rutledge - Loveland Business Partnership chairman and KL& A Structural Engineers and Builders principal

  • Diana Schamerhorn - Retiree and grandparent of a TSD student

  • Denise Schump - TSD educator

  • Earl & Lisbeth Sethre - Longtime Loveland residents and parents of TSD graduates

  • Mike & Laurie Shearer

  • Christiana Shorten

  • Maurice Stephens

  • Gene & Judy Stout

  • Jennifer Swanty - TSD parent and alum

  • Carolyn Taylor

  • Morley & Liv Tobey

  • Bob & Georgia Torson

  • Ralph Trenary

  • Jack & Jan VanAusdall - Grandparents of TSD students and local business owners

  • Marcia Venzke - Former TSD Board of Education member

  • Susan Vierra

  • Ken Ward - TSD parent

  • Peter Webb

  • Tim & Cine Webb - Loveland residents

  • Mike & Jo Dee Westbrook - TSD parents and community volunteers
  • Doug & Trish Will - Longtime Loveland residents and parents of TSD graduates

  • James & Mary Jane Willard

  • Marty & Helen Wilson

  • Robert & Erin Witty - TSD parents and volunteers

  • Bill E. Wright

  • Margaret Zierdt